Using our latest Trimble UX5 HP fixed wing drone AG Surveys Ltd can provide their clients with detailed aerial mapping and land surveys. Our drone can fly for longer in the sky and therefore larger areas can be surveyed greatly reducing time spent on site.

AG Surveys has permission from the CAA to operate commercially and we are fully insured for your peace of mind. Our expertise in photogrammetry and software processing ensures we deliver a comprehensive set of precise maps and data.

Our clients can expect:

  • High quality aerial data capture at affordable prices
  • Geo-referenced Orthophotos
  • Digital Height Models
  • Topographical features mapped from imagery

Areas of use:

  • Beach monitoring surveys for coastal management
  • Sea defences
  • River and flood risk areas
  • Topographical surveys
  • Landfill and quarry stockpile surveys
  • Road and rail corridor surveys
  • Height models for infrastructure design (pipelines, roads and others)

Our photogrammetric services open a new field for the collection of real world data, as access to H&S compromised sites or sites not in client ownership is limited. Data can be processed to differing stages, from raw 3D pointclouds and height models for pipeline route designs and ortho-imagery allowing clients to extract necessary visible information when needed, to fully drawn mapping solutions.