AG Surveys Ltd in Bristol uses 3D laser scanning and imaging technology to produce accurate, highly detailed models of buildings and their environment.

Time on site is greatly reduced using the scanner as it captures up to a million points per second and we can therefore reduce costs compared to topographical survey methods. There are other benefits too:

  • Huge datasets available compared to conventional survey techniques
  • Safety increased when working in areas that are hazardous, unsafe or inaccessible.
  • Avoidance of having missed data and a return trip
  • Quick turnaround of site to data delivery (for referenced pointclouds)
  • Cost effective as reduced time on site
  • Snap shot in time of the building/site – can be archive data used for heritage or insurance purposes
  • Highly detailed surveys that can be used by Architects. Civil Engineers, CAD designers and many other industries.
  • 3D Laser scanning for visual effects – offers rapid and efficient capture and unparalleled precision.

We can efficiently produce geo-referenced 3D point clouds and this information can be used to produce accurate floor plans, elevations and sections as well as 3d visualisations.