AG Surveys has been involved with the topographical surveys and setting out of structures for environmental energy projects and infrastructure since 2009. It was this experience gained over 100’s of projects which was called upon when we received a request from ET Solutions in Germany to look at a potential solar farm in Somerset.

The site lies within the Somerset plain and would need to be carefully designed due to the risk of flooding (which doesn’t work well with electricity). The survey used to gain outline planning permission was felt to be too basic and possibly inaccurate to design the solar farm and as we had worked with ETS on various projects before, they knew they can rely on our data. A full survey of the site was swiftly undertaken, as the design team was waiting due to a tight schedule, as an initial desktop check of the existing data indeed revealed various major shortcomings of the old dataset. We found the site to be top drained due to the high water table and surrounding drainage ditches missing. The top draining structure with shallow earthworks required the point spacing to be as low as 2m and the drainage ditches surrounding the site were up to 3m deep. The topo survey was delivered within days of instruction and ETS started the detailed design of the solar farm including associated infrastructures.

3 months later, we got another message from Hydro Energy Company (HEC), which we had worked with several times over the years. The request was to help setting out a solar farm in Somerset, and to their surprise, we could tell them exactly there the site was. It was indeed at Yardwall, and our in-depth knowledge of the site and communications about the special character were greatly appreciated. Setting out the tables for the solar modules, cable trenches, roads and fencing took only two days, with some repeat visits at later dates to set out the foundations for various sub stations and DNO.