AG Surveys became involved with providing control for Accurate Visual Representations (AVR) in 2014 and has established a bespoke set of datasets designed to fit in our clients workflow, to enable them to rectify their (or our) photography as accurate and fast as possible.

In 2018, we were asked by one of our main AVR clients, Troopers Hill, to help with a local visualisation project in Bedminster, Bristol. The aim was to photograph and survey control for 32 locations, identified by a landscape appraisal undertaken for a major planning application. Due to the amount of photography and the time it would take, we decided to use one photographer and two surveyors in order to stay with a good weather window. The photography was planned around the light conditions and 3 days of work were planned in. However, deteriorating weather meant a stop after two days, which was used to process the survey and the photography. Luckily, a short notice change in location could be implemented at the same rainy day, before the work was completed.

The main bulk of photography was taken with a 24mm shift lens, allowing the best use of the frame. Some closer images were taken with a 17mm shift lens in addition to the 24mm, in case the client wanted a wider view. Additionally to this, most locations were also shot with the 50mm lens creating panoramic views of 180 to 90 degrees to show the new development within its context. Even though most times this is not needed, it makes sense to take the additional photography at the same time and allow the survey to have enough data, rather than having to go back to site. This was a rather large visualisation project, but we turned it around within a week. Taking photography and surveying control at the same time saved the client a lot of time, which was spent turning the visualisation around quicker to the end client. However, most of our projects are control survey only, after we receive the imagery to be used with our instruction. As of summer 2018, we have surveyed control for over 1100 views to be used for AVR and been involved with over 200 projects.

The photo’s for Bedminster AVR’s are not yet available and so we have shown you AVR Photography and Visualisations from a project carried out in Edinburgh.