The knowledge and expertise AG Surveys Ltd has within the surveying industry means we understand the importance of accurate instrumentation. As part of our philosophy that only a regularly checked instrument can be relied upon as accurate, we have set up a GNSS calibration site.

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We are using a fixed 6 instrument setup with long static observations to calibrate up to 3 GNSS receivers (relative calibration). We also carry out GNSS receiver checks to check the accuracy of the inherent measurement system.  Please use the “contact us” page or call us on 0117 9394336 if you would like a quick quotation on the price of calibrating your equipment.

Knowing that we can rely on the accuracy of our GNSS systems allows us to be at the forefront of providing geodetic control networks to our clients.

  • photo-control used in photogrammetry (which AG Surveys has established for 100’s of miles of aerial photography flight control)
  • control areas and check points used by Lidar operators to confirm the accuracy of their flights
  • mobile mapping control for 1000’s of miles of trunk roads
  • extensive control networks used in large building programs like London Crossrail and DLR

We are able to design the best suited control network to our clients accuracy and works requirements, to find a suitable methodology and to work in constrained time frames.