Topographical Surveys

We have been undertaking topographical surveys for clients in various sizes and specifications.

tree survey and tree cadastre nr. Bristol (Expand)

industrial estate survey for re-development (Expand)

railway refuelling compound in Cardiff (Expand)

Projects include over 30 surveys of private properties per year for the purposes of planning applications and development in scales of 1:500, 1:200, 1:100 and even 1:25 between London and Cornwall for architects, developers, owners and landscape architects; (pdf)

  • 1:200 scale 3D topographical survey of land and river at Rowde Mill, Wiltshire for Edulis Ltd.;
  • 1:100 scale 3D topographical survey of metal railings and plinths at Portland Square, Bristol for Dorothea Restorations Ltd.;
  • 1:500 scale topographical survey and 3D modelling of 5.8 ha at Church Rd,Trowbridge for WSP;
  • 1:100 scale 3D topographical survey including eaves and ridges of surrounding properties and MH information’s (invert levels and pipe sizes) at East Street, Bristol for Space Studio Architects;
  • 1:100 scale topographical survey and 1:25 drawings for back gardens at Hobhouse Close, Bristol for Grassroots Landscape architects;
  • 1:500 scale topographical survey of hospital site near Bristol (~27.6 ha);
  • 1:500 scale topographical survey of dual carriageway in Northern Ireland (3.5 km).
  • 1:500 scale surveys of future industrial sites in NI from 2ha to 65ha including services and contouring (pdf);
  • 1:500 scale survey of proposed development site of 15ha in Wales for RSK PLC.
  • topographical tree surveys and tree cadastre at sites from 1ha to 40ha (see photo on right)
  • various surveys of industrial sites, greenfield sites, gardens and parks as well as railways and waterways (see photos on right)
  • various highway surveys for local government and developers