Survey Consultancy

We use the experience we gained by working closely with our clients to help them to find the right surveyor and specification for their project.

RAF runway high accuracy level survey for re-surfacing (Expand)

We very often find, that getting all the detail from our clients in regards of their future use of the survey data enables us to define a specification best suited to their needs, using the best survey practice possible. Often our clients had not thought about different ways the surveys could be carried out, insisting on expensive and unnecessary data collection.

We have set up the survey consultancy to help you to find the best solution to your requirements. This can involve discussing survey strategies, different ways and technologies of surveying. We can also prepare the tender documents for you, help you to decide on the best bid by price-time-quality comparisons and vet future survey clients.

To have forgotten only one detail in a specification can mean, that the cheapest survey cost’s more than the most expensive quote, as revisits to site are over-proportional expensive! Give us a call to discuss before it’s too late.