Photo-control Points Surveys and Aerial Photography Mapping

We have been undertaking photo-control points surveys for clients in various areas and quantities.

GPS control station for motorway survey (Expand)

hydrogr. and photocontrol survey on River Thames E London (Expand)

GPS & Photocontrol networks for motorway mapping around Bristol (Expand)

Projects include:

  • 110 photo-control points over 500 km² in Gloucestershire;
  • 85 photo-control points over 400 km² in Wiltshire and Somerset;
  • 527 photo-control points over 4400 km² in Scotland;
  • over 200 pre-marked photo-control points for two pipeline corridors in the East of England and over 100 pre-marked photo-control points and survey stations for a follow up project at a reservoir (project included building surveys, underground services tracing, tree cadastre, risk assessments and 3D modelling);
  • 20 photo-control points over 35 km² in Greater London;
  • 95 high-precision photo-control points from the City to East London (rsme 15mm);
  • 35 photo-control points over 50 km² near Belfast, Northern Ireland;
  • work at the 3D house modelling project in the county of Brandenburg, Germany (inc. trigonometry and mapping);
  • field revisions for various photogrammetry projects in the UK and Europe (including topographical in-fill surveys, tree cadastres and GIS data completion);
  • taken part in photo-control and network surveys for the whole country of Qatar;
  • 1400 high-precision photo-control points over 12000 km² in Germany for cadastral map updates.
  • over 200 photo-control points for the high accuracy mapping of ~80 miles of major roads, dual carriageways and motorways in the Bristol area.