Internal and External Building Surveys

We have been undertaking measured building surveys for clients in various sizes and specifications.

building re-development in Swindon (Expand)

railway refuelling compound in Cardiff (Expand)

Projects include:

  • internal building survey (floor plans) and external elevations for a semi-detached 18th century dwelling in Bristol for planning permission and architectural designs;
  • internal building survey and external elevations for a five storey student hall of residence in Bristol (pdf);
  • external elevations for five school buildings in Gloucestershire;
  • external elevations for listed mill and manor buildings in Gloucestershire (pdf);
  • outline external elevations for an area in central Bristol for planning consent approval;
  • high accuracy external elevations of courtyards and parts of buildings in the Bristol area for the design of conservatories (apropos-tectonic) (pdf);
  • internal and external elevations and floor plans for a cowshed in Somerset for development proposals;
  • internal building survey (floor plans, utilities and equipment) of large supermarkets in the greater London area (floor sizes above 4000m² and underground car parks) after a take over.
  • internal floorplans, elevations, sections and outside 3D model of listed building in Banbury for future development.