Hydrographical Surveys

We have been undertaking hydrographical surveys for clients in various sizes and specifications.

hydrographic survey for the extension of river offtake pumping station (Expand)

automated seadefence barrier monitoring in Northern Ireland (Expand)

coastal cliff erosion monitoring in Cornwall (Expand)

Projects include:

  • river cross-sections, long-sections and flood relevant detail for various rivers totalling over 40 miles in length in the South and Southwest of England (pdf);
  • various floodplain surveys including rivers in Wales and South England (between 1km² and 10km²);
  • 3D river modelling surveys at proposed inlet and outfall sites in the East of England (pdf);
  • cliff face surveys in South England and in Northern Ireland including sections and 3D models;
  • beach profiles and 3D models for erosion and depositing calculations in Northeast Germany;
  • flood defence structure monitoring and foreshore surveys in Northern Ireland;
  • involved in the 5 year coastal monitoring programme in the South of England for the Environment Agency, DEFRA and local councils;