GPS surveys

We have been undertaking GPS surveys in a variety of projects, from installation of survey station networks to photo-control points, 1:500 scale mapping and referencing of topographical surveys to Ordnance Survey National Grid and Datum.

GPS control network survey with over 100 stations (Expand)

GPS & photocontrol survey for Crosslink railway in London (Expand)

high accuracy control networks for DLR London (Expand)

Projects include:

  • survey control station networks to enable setting out and other building work on pipeline corridors in the East of England to 20mm accuracy in position and height
  • survey control station networks for a total of 450 miles of pipelines in East Germany (~650 points);
  • geo-referencing of various surveys to OS National Grid and Datum to ease use with OS maps at the planning proposal stage (for example for DLP Consultants Ltd.);
  • topographical survey by real time kinematic methods for playing fields in Gloucestershire (1:500);
  • map revision of two square kilometers by RTK methods near Perth, Scotland;
  • development of transformations between several used local grids, a new local grid and OS national grid for a hospital site in the Bristol area;
  • 1:500 scale RTK survey of a gravel quarry, river and camp site near London (over 10 kmĀ²);
  • high accuracy station network for the survey of a RAF runway in South Wales to 3mm rsme height accuracy;
  • various control station networks along dual carriage ways and motorways throughout the UK;
  • setting out of boundary fence for major industrial development in East England of approx 3 mile length.