About Us

We carry out:

  • Measured building surveys, from floorplans, elevations, sections and ceiling plans to 3D models;
  • Topographical surveys from small to very large areas, underground services tracing, tree surveys and cadastre inc tagging and accurate canopy survey to BS, railways and highways, non-contact surveys of hazardous areas and inaccessible places, in any scale to any client specification in any local or national grid and / or datum.
  • Photgrammetry, including planning, flight acquisition, photo-control (both feature and pre- marking), mapping, field verification and remote intelligence and data gathering. GPS control station networks in any accuracy, grid and datum conversions of existing surveys, layer and feature code conversions, 3 dimensional flythrough and visualisation, GIS database generation.
  • Engineering surveys of all kinds from deformation control over monitoring of settlement and movement (vertical and horizontal) to alignment checks and setting out of pre-defined lines and forms.
  • Building site surveys include setting out of detail such as roads and building footprints, monitoring of work, control of verticality and horizontal alignment, as-builds and error detection (between proposed and build).
  • Hydrographic surveys including coastal monitoring of beaches and near coastal waterways, monitoring of cliffs (non-contact) and of seadefences including 3D modelling and movement mapping, surveys of rivers, streams and floodplains, all to Environment Agency specification.